Kikaliente® Reggae Show

KRS#33 Kikalienté® Reggae Show

todaymai 14, 2024

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    KRS#33 Kikalienté® Reggae Show kika

Tracklist :
TWELVE 9 RECORDS-LOUD CITY ZJ SPARKS : Days like this, Time et too late to be calling
LENNY BANTON : Bring Back we sweet Reggae, Money Gone and Left Me et Them a try change the world.
DELROY WILSON : Doing my Thing, Have some Mercy et My Baby Is Gone.
JAUNE LEMON : Shine, Time to Climb et Back on the road
PRINCESS GROOVE : Better Days, Victory, Rosa Parks
JAHILL : réseaux sociaux, parigot et la guerre des moutons
Zonasun : Rise Up, More and More et Too Late
SWANGA : Mwaki, Lahida et Oasis

Kikaliente® Reggae Show

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